"Vusi Mahlasela" Ne Hwɛ-Mu-Dua

Te "Vusi Mahlasela" ne ayɛ no ase.

Busua nyin nyi ne ayɛ no.
"Vusi Mahlasela" yɛ nyi.
Ne akoma ne kasa no yɛ Soto-kasa.


Vusi Mahlasela hyɛ nkorɔfo nkuran.
Ɔ kyerɛ ɔdɔ, fawohodi na bɔnefakyɛ ase.


  • Let the scales fall from my eyes
    Heal the wounds I made in anger
    Take my pride and jealousy
    Wash me clean in your mercy. - Mighty River
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